Personal Loan

Personal loans are money which can be availed in a very short time and can really help you get funds when you need them most! These are available for salaried persons, businessmen and professionals and can be taken from an array of financial institutions. Generally, banks/financial institutions do not track the use of these funds; these can be used for any personal need that may arise. As the name suggests, “Personal loan” can be used for fulfilling any personal desire or any urgent need that may arise, some of which are as under:

Some Common End-use of Personal Loans:

  • Marriage.
  • Holiday/Vacation.
  • Education of children. (E.g. Admission fee these days are soaring esp. in metro cities like Delhi, personal loan can help in meeting this short-term obligation.)
  • Medical expenses.       (E.g. Personal loans can really complement your reserves in case of medical emergency)
  • Renovation of your home/office.
  • Buying electronics, home furniture etc.

Key Features of Unsecured Personal Loans are:

  • Quick sanction – 48 to 72 hours.
  • Loan Amount – 1 lac to 30 lacs, Tenure ranging from 1 to 5 years
  • Loans for salaried, business and professional segments.
  • No Security/Guarantor Required.
  • Hassle-free documentation at doorstep.
  • Best offers with our tie-ups with several banks/NBFCs.
  • Best reducing rate of interest.

P.S.: Options of nil pre-payment and part-payment is also available.

Who can Apply

  • Salaried persons.
  • Professional (CA/DOCTOR/ARCHITECHTS etc.)
  • Businessmen.


  • Tie-ups with several institutions to get you the best offer.
  • Expertise in providing end-to-end financial solutions with all type of fund raising requirement.
  • A dedicated team to track and deliver in time.
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Home Loan

 Home loan you can fulfill your dream of owning a home. JKT Loan helps to convert your dream to get a place where you can relax & enjoy your life with your loved ones. JKT Loans has been leading marketing channel partner with strong professionals tie ups of 23 banks.

JKT Loans offers you home loan for following purposes

  • A loan that is provided to individuals for buying a new home or construct dwelling unit. For NRIs the maximum tenure is 10 years subject to maximum age of 60 years at maturity.
  • A loan through which you can repair or renovate your existing home.
  • For extension of your existing home you can take a Home Extension Loan.
  • NRI seeking Home Loan for property purchase.
  • Loan for purchase and construction on a residential plot
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Business Loan

Need for expanding and growing a business is an imperative one. As an entrepreneur, one is often faced with the paucity of funds as the market shows its tantrums so very often. We know there are times when you may require an urgent flow of funds to finance your immediate needs to fuel the growth of your enterprise. Our business loans are specifically designed to furnish these needs customized with Flexi EMI options, which let you pay as you grow.

For easy, collateral free (for amounts up to Rs 50 Lakhs) and flexible business loans which are disbursed really fast, contact at the earliest.

Get your business loan in 3 easy steps-

  • 1. Check your entitlement
  • 2. Choose your Loan Amount and Tenure
  • 3. Submit your application online


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Car Loan

Drive home the car you always wanted. For a quick, transparent and hassle free experience, take the JKT Loans experience which offers car loans for personal and commercial use cars or utility vehicles, both new and used. With flexible loan payment options- in monthly cash installments, auto debit, ECS (Electronic Clearing Services) or PDC's (Post Dated Cheques), our car loans are extremely easy to understand and process.

Our unique features:

  • No Income Proof required
  • Tatkal car loans
  • Agri-based car loans
  • Salaried/Self Employed
  • Loan for Commercial Use Vehicles
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Flexible documentation and quick processing
  • End-to-end doorstep service

    Used car loan is a customer oriented loan in which the customer can either refinance their existing vehicle to generate cash for personal use or purchase a second hand vehicle on loan. Finlinkers offers used car loan with exciting offers.

    • Upto 150% finance of the car value
    • Speedy loan disbursal
    • Flexible Loan tenure
    • loans up to 20 lacs without eligibility check and up to 50 lacs can be added
    • Loans at 15-16%” & 3-4% cost effective as compared to business loan
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Overdraft facility

An overdraft facility provided by a lender such as a bank or non-banking financial company is a type of loan which you borrow up to the limit permitted through your account with the lender. It basically means that you can withdraw extra money from your bank account; more money than what you have in there and when you repay the money, you will also have to pay interest on the amount you borrowed. Please note that the interest rate levied on the borrowed amount in this case is fixed and not floating.

How to apply for Overdraft facility?

As aforementioned, borrowing through overdraft is just like borrowing a loan from the bank. Some customers are pre-entitled to avail the overdraft facility by the lender (bank or NBFC) while some have to take approval. When the pre-entitled customers withdraw extra money from their account, their outstanding goes positive and the overdraft facility is activated automatically. The customers who require the lender’s approval to avail the overdraft facility have to submit their request to their lender either in writing or through the internet banking portal. Overdraft taken against bank account is considered unsecured overdraft while the overdraft where collateral is pledged is considered secured overdraft. Many banks charge a processing fee to the tune of up to 1% to provide their customers this facility.

What are the advantages of Overdraft facility?

Overdraft is a credit facility which you can use in a time of financial emergency. In a loan, when you borrow a payment schedule is set and you have to pay as per that payment schedule. If you want to prepay a loan, usually a prepayment charge is levied.

However this is not the case with the overdraft facility. When you repay the amount borrowed through overdraft you do not pay prepayment charges. Also you need not repay the Overdraft in EMIs. You can repay the borrowed amount cumulatively. The interest is calculated for the time you had the borrowed amount. Through the overdraft facility you can finance your short-term needs. The overdraft facility is usually cheaper and more easily accessible than loans.

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Loan against Property

Let your property be a step of stairs for your dream. Get Loan Against property and use the fund to accomplish your dreams. Loan Against Property can be used for your personal as well as business use. A takeover of your loan with refinancing is also possible with Loan Against Property.

  • Higher Loan amount with Lower EMI.
  • Funds can be used for business as well as personal needs.
  • Flexible repayment - Option to choose between Dropline Overdraft Facility or EMI based loan.
  • Specially designed programs for the Self Employed.

JKT Loans Against Property is a multi-purpose loan that can be availed whether you are starting a new business or require long term working capital or need to fund education or marriage of your children. You can opt for a loan against fully constructed houses as well as residential and commercial properties.

  • Comprehending your requirements, we offer low interest rate loan on property maximum up to 15 years. It is noteworthy the property is not necessary to be a constructional structure. Your property can be your land also.

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